Adventures in Montessori Early Childhood Center

Come for a Visit and Explore Our School.

Here at Adventures in Montessori we warmly welcome you into an environment of exploration for all children. Our school offers a remarkable voyage for your children starting in infancy thru toddlers and primary continuing with the Montessori philosophy and the basic Montessori tenets; respect yourself, respect others and respect the environment. The Montessori curriculum is the guiding principle behind all that we do. Come for a visit and explore our school.


Our Infant and Toddler classrooms are created to encourage are children thru hands on discovery and play to move their bodies in enjoying the earth around them. The intellectual, physical and emotional development are critically linked to a sensorial rich environment.


In the Montessori classroom children in the mixed age group explore and discover at the own pace. Movement, the fun art program and French/Chinese classes are an integral part of the day. The Montessori learn materials encourage academic, physical, emotional and social growth.


Here at adventures in Montessori our primary objective in our academic program is to create a path of exploration to meaningful learning. Children learn to explore the environment around them thru the use of Montessori materials, spirted play, caring guidance and a rigorous program of academics.